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"Exceptionally talented, professional, knowledgable, responsive and results driven...conducts himself as a real person without the inflated lawyer ego....always 100% honest and upfront.... He is a realist who is not quick to spend his clients' money." - Ray.

Free DUI Consultation: 717.747.9048

"Robert is the exception to the rule. I remember the first time I met with him. He was approachable, down to earth, easy to talk to. I was comfortable. I wasn't stressed out. Mr. Schefter had all of his ducks in a row.... I wasn't doing his job for him. He was on top of the situation 120%. " - Randy.


10.0Robert John Schefter Jr.

I know that getting a DUI is an awful experience. I can help.  Give me a call and talk to me about it before you do anything else.  I offer a personalized approach to your case with straight talk in plain terms.  With 25+ years of experience as a DUI Defense Attorney, and as a former DUI Prosecutor, I will get you the best possible outcome for your case.

Attorney Robert J. Schefter 

"Robert was honest, very knowledgeable and kept me well informed during the entire process and in no way arrogant or demeaning in any way. The research, time and attention he gave to my case was incredible and the result was a win for me."  - Brian.

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Attorney Robert J. Schefter 

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