Robert J. Schefter Esq.

York DUI Defense Attorney

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There was a time when attorneys were referred to as "Counselors at Law."  The name was fitting because attorneys took the time to truly counsel clients so they had a thorough understanding of the handling of their case.  Nowadays, it seems the counselor part of the profession often gives way to overbooked schedules and the almighty dollar.  Especially in criminal law, where the client has the most to lose, you hear horror stories about clients only seeing the attorney when they show up for court.  You deserve better...Attorney Schefter brings the "Counselor" role back to the profession.


Attorney and Counselor at Law

Attorney Robert J. Schefter is an experienced trial attorney who focuses his practice on DUI defense in York County, Pennsylvania.  His representation will include a thorough evaluation of your case, an explanation of the entire court process, and a detailed review of every option available in your case.  Whether it is entry into the ARD program, entry into a treatment program, a negotiated plea bargain, or a trial, he will help you achieve the best result for you.  


DUI defense ...with dignity.

For most people, a DUI charge is the first real contact with the criminal justice system.  You know you're not a criminal, but find yourself in a place you'd never thought you'd be, without a clue what to do next.  The first thing you need is someone to sit down with you, answer all your questions, and explain everything in clear, understandable terms.  Please call for a free consultation, so I can begin to help you through this trying time.


-I focus my practice on DUI law, so I can handle the complex issues that may arise in any DUI case.

-I focus my practice in York County, so I am intimately familiar with all of the local policies and procedures.

-Above all, I focus my practice on my clients, providing the highest level of client service.